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What do you have in the way of mapped network drives... anything?


If not network drives, what drives do you actually have listed in 'My Computer' ? (Screenshot?)


It looks like the explorer style component I use on the 'Disc Layout Editor' window has some issue with your machine.


Leads to a crash


00871789 +029 ImgBurn.exe MPShellUtilities 2918 +2 PotentialMappedDrive

0087f8a9 +045 ImgBurn.exe MPShellUtilities 8281 +4 TNamespace.GetValid

009b6c9c +024 ImgBurn.exe VirtualExplorerTree 8701 +3 TCustomVirtualExplorerTree.ValidRootNamespace

009b675a +012 ImgBurn.exe VirtualExplorerTree 8540 +1 TVETPersistent.SaveTree

009b22f2 +05e ImgBurn.exe VirtualExplorerTree 6617 +8 TCustomVirtualExplorerTree.RefreshTree

009b36cf +067 ImgBurn.exe VirtualExplorerTree 7118 +7 TCustomVirtualExplorerTree.SetFileObjects

009ba145 +011 ImgBurn.exe VirtualExplorerTree 10213 +1 TVirtualExplorerTreeview.LoadDefaultOptions

009ac734 +224 ImgBurn.exe VirtualExplorerTree 3739 +43 TCustomVirtualExplorerTree.Create


This guy here has/had the same problem but never came back to his thread.



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