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Restart computer after burning DVD +R disc

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I am brand new to ImgBurn. I have been using DVDFab's VSO burning engine until I recently started Blu Ray burning. ImgBurn does a flawless job of burning the blu ray discs, but I had a problem with a single layer DVD +R (Verbatim) disc in my Hitachi/LG dvd writer (Windows 7 64bit, Intel core i7 processor @3.4ghz, 12 gb RAM, 1 Terabyte HDD)-- the disc burned and ImgBurn ejected the disc and closed. I tried to play the disc in the drive and it wasn't even recognized. It played, though, in my other burner - the Plextor Blu Ray writer.

For some reason I decided to restart the computer to see if that would do the trick and it did. I was ready to scrap ImgBurn and go back to the VSO burning engine, but someone in this forum raved about the way ImgBurn handles dual layer discs.

I realize this topic was discussed previously, but I was not able to reply - had to start "new" topic. I have no log to post. I checked and none was written, and I'm not entirely sure how to enable that function in ImgBurn.

Does anyone have a fix for this restart to recognize the disc problem?

I'm interested in continuing to use ImgBurn if it really is that good handling layer breaks. I've done nothing with ImgBurn -- just installed it, selected it as burning engine in DVDFab, and burned 2 Blu Ray 25gb, 1 Blu Ray 50gb, and 1 DVD +R.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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If the disc burnt and verified fine, the disc is fine. If Windows can't see the disc then it's probably because it hasn't noticed it's been burnt - and therefore that the contents have changed. You just need to kick it into gear.


Have you disabled autoinsert at OS level or anything?

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Windows doesn't recognize the DVD +R disc (won't start AutoPlay, and it won't respond to double-left-click on drive icon in My Computer) when in the drive it was burned, but it will play in my other drive without a restart.

No I haven't disabled AutoPlay. My computer is about 1 month old and I checked the driver for the dvd writer and I checked the computer manufacturer's website for a firmware update. Everything appears to be up-to-date. Blu rays play and burn well, but that's the other drive.

I appreciate your help. I will try to find firmware update for drive if I can locate manufacturer's website.

Thank You

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Disc not recognized after burn -- SOLVED -- maybe. AWS was set to max (which is 16x for the Verbatim DVD +R), so I changed the speed for the "discID" to 8X for the single layer media, and 4X for the dual. I burned another video dvd at the slower speed and it worked without a problem.

Checked my dvd disc size settings in DVDFab and found that they were set at the smallest size (4300 for DVD +R single and 8100 for dual) so I changed them to the recommended 4482 for DVD +R single layer and 8152 for dual.

When I reached the burn phase I received a message that the size of the file created was too large and that I would need to Overburn or Truncate. So I hesitated and selected Overburn only to have burn fail at end of process.


Is there somewhere I can specify disc size in ImgBurn? Is that the "Preferred Format Size" on the first page of the "Write" tab in "Settings?" I've been reading the guides and examining the settings in the program itself, but I'm still a little unclear on selecting dvd size.

Thank you in advance.

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