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Tips to determine the layer break?


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I was wondering if you could give me some pointers to decide where to put the layer break, when there are several options.


- I already read that if the SPLIP column says "No", that's something good.

- The number in the "padding" column, would that be an issue?

- The "%" column, maybe?


BTW, I can't get the preview option to work; the screen stays black.


Thanks in advance!

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Maybe this will help?




If the previewer won't work, try going into ImgBurn's settings -> General -> Page 2 and check the 'Dont Use DirectDraw Overlays' box. Then try it again.

I'm not faced with LB decisions often enough that this doesn't confuse me (it ALWAYS does!) so that tipsheet and your note are going to help me a lot. Thanks!

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