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64bit version?


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I'm not sure if this is the builder you're using, but you might want to check out these two links:


C++ Builder Bundle:



"Priority preview access so you can be one of the first to experience upcoming C++Builder technologies and roadmap such as the new compiler for 64-bit Windows, iOS, and new C++11 standards support"


C++ Builder Roadmap:



"... At a high level, the capabilities we've been working on include a completely new 64-bit C++ toolchain for Windows, C++11 support with the industry's highest level of C/C++ standards compliance, and ARM support for mobile platforms including iOS and Android. ..."


"... As 64-bit Windows systems have become commonplace, 64-bit support tops the list of C++Builder customer requests. Specifically, developers are seeking support for 64-bit Windows subsystems such as 64-bit drivers, IIS, shell extensions, and SQL Server which require a 64-bit support interface to them. Developers are also seeking access to 64-bit memory addressing to break the 4GB application memory barrier. The new C++ compiler is planned to fully support 64-bit compilation of highly efficient 64-bit applications and libraries for Windows enabling 64-bit memory addressability and support for 64-bit Windows subsystems. ..."

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