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No closed ImgBurn without reset/reboot


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Hi4all! At 2011 the same error was here but no answer.

Sometimes after burning (DVD, BD etc. whatever) my ImgBurn is stoped before cycling tray:

f2a22dfd3a48e606a6cbc9e7206cb1ef.jpg - and that is all!!! After that disc-drive is blocked, and imgBurn is in meditation absolutely.


Log is:



And every time when I want close programm I can see humiliating:


Only reboot can get it.


Windows 7 x64. ImgBurn is fine for me.... but sometimes.... see above! :)

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Ok well as I said in my previous message, this sounds like a system issue.


If you're bored one day and have discs to burn, try enabling I/O debug mode before you start the 'Write' operation going - to do that, press the F8 key - you should see a log entry saying it has been enabled.


The additional logging will show us which command your system is getting stuck on.

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