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How to suppress "switch to Joliet" ImgBurn suggestion for AVI files?


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I oftentimes save AVI files on a DVD+RW media and selected ISO9660 + UDF as file system.

The AVI files (multiple files per disc media) are almost always (much) smaller than 2GB.


When I start the burning process then Imgburn always suggests me with a prompt popup window to switch to

ISO9660 + Joliet file system.


I prefer UDF because it is newer and more comfortable. Almost all new hardware drives and OSs understand this. So why does IB prompts me for this old fashioned file system?


How can I tell IB to avoid this prompt in future?



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Because lots of standalone players will only read Joliet. If it isn't present, you end up having to deal with 8.3 style file names. Sure they might support UDF for playing Blu-ray or DVD Video discs but that doesn't mean they read UDF when just looking at files.


The setting you want to manipulate for that one is on the Build tab -> Page 4 -> Don't Prompt DivX Video Settings.

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