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Can I delete a file from a burned DVD+R/BlueRay ?


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Ok, I know, I cannot ADD more files to an already burned DVD/BlueRay but what about deleting one of them?


I can imagine that there is a way to just delete such an existing file by overwriting the occpied space on the DVD/BlueRay by zeros.


Or - alternatively - by overwriting the corresponding content table entry.


is this possible?


if yes: How exactly?


Is your solution working with Jolliet AND UDF structures or only one of them?



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ImgBurn doesn't do multisession and the discs it burns are always finalised. As such, no, you can't add OR delete files from discs it burns.


When you use multisession software for this job, it would just be leaving the file location/size/name etc out of the file system descriptors. It would still be present in the first lot though and therefore totally accessible if anything read them.

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