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Formatting DVD+RW


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why is imgburn taking so long to format a new dvd+rw and why re fomatting every time

so why can i do it so that my program can use it in < 30 secs and will burn correctly format needs only

once using manufacter default list imgburn shows started but is ready to burn

Descriptor Type in Read Format Capacities reads 0 = Res:1 = Unfomatted Media:2 = Formatted Media:3 = No Media


if(scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[8] == 1)// 1 = Formatted Media so skip


wsprintf(szBuffer,"DVD+RW Is Not Formatted");

format = MessageBox(scsi->hDlg,szBuffer,"Info",MB_OK);

format_msb = scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[4];

format_high = scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[5];

format_low = scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[6];

format_lsb = scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[7];

if(format == IDOK)


scsi->packet[0]->FormatType = 0X11;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[0] = 0;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[1] = 0;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[2] = 0;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[3] = 8;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[4] = format_msb;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[5] = format_high;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[6] = format_low;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[7] = format_lsb;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[8] = 0X98;//0X26 << 2

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[9] = 0;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[10] = 0;

scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[11] = 0;



return 0;




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It takes as long as it takes. The drive does the formatting, not the program. The program (by default anyway) waits for both parts (foreground / background) to finish.


It only formats when the 'Formatted' status isn't shown as 'Yes' in the disc info text on the right. In programming terms, that's when 'BG Format Status' isn't 3.

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take a look at my code again i've formatting and burning 1.9Gbs of mp3 data to a brand new Verbatim DVD+RW in under 4.5 minutes you do have problem on my

imgburn (at least)for its always appear to full format (i am not sure what a full format is looking mt fugj specs for format) i am not trying to pick at igmburn its one of the

disk burning programs i've used (not including mine) its your program that help me write burnit

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I explained why it takes the time it takes, it formats the discs properly - waiting for both foreground and background bits to finish.


Yours only waits for the foreground part to finish and will leave the 'BG Format Status' on '1' (meaning 'started but not running and not complete) rather than '3' (meaning complete).


If you don't want it to do that, you can turn off the option in the settings (on the 'Write' tab) that makes it format properly.

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