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More options in Device Capabilities screen? (especially for retro CD formats)


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I'm considering buying a new burner, LG WH14NS40, and I'd like to know what "oldschool" CD formats it supports, in addition to the basics (I was actually going to post this in the Drives forum but it's locked).


The most detailed official specs I could find are here, but many old formats\features are omitted.


Specifically, I'm referring to:

1. Mixed-Mode CD (data+audio) read/write

2. Multisession mode 2 CD read/write

3. Overburn CDs (CD-R90, CD-R99, etc.) read/write

4. CD-I read (I actually have a movie in this format :) )

5. CD-ROM XA-ready (not sure what this is)

6. Photo-CD (Single & Multi-session) (not sure what this is)

7. CD-Extra (not sure what this is)

8. CD-Text read/write

9. SVCD read (not sure about write)

10. SecurDisc (not sure what this is, but my old LG DVD burner has it) 


(note - the formats I'm not familiar with were taken from a spec of an older LG drive, seen here)


I was thinking of using ImgBurn's Device Capabilities screen (on a PC with this drive installed) to find out what is supported and what is not, but except for CD-Text, Device Capabilities doesn't detect any of these formats... to me, Mixed-Mode read\write and multisession read are very important, and overburn read is also somewhat important...


So my questions are:

1. Is there a chance this drive supports these formats despite not being advertised? Especially the ones important to me?

2. If I have access to a computer that has this drive installed, is there some way to verify whether the drive supports these features (without individually testing everything)?

3. The main reason I posted here - can these formats be detected in Device Capabilities of future versions of ImgBurn?

4. Is there a chance this drive will read HD DVD despite not being advertised?

5. Regarding BD-R\RE versions - according to Wikipedia, the last versions of BD-R\RE (3 and 4 respectively) were defined in June 2010 - how do I know this drive fully supports the latest versions (plus backwards compatibility with older versions)? This perhaps should also be detected by future Device Capabilities screen...






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Thanks for replying spinningwheel. 


I understand that the drive is not related to ImgBurn, but I was basically making a feature suggestion - detect more legacy formats in Device Capabilities (other than CD-Text which is already detected)...


And I tried that support page, it forces you to choose a device model, and, even though I reached it through the specs page of the drive, I couldn't find the specific model in the options given in the form, so I couldn't file a request...

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Since the Boss didn't answer this for you I guess it would mean that he's not interested in making any changes to the program that would make it larger and serve a very small number of users since this is the first request like this I've ever seen.

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I got the drive, here is a screenshot of its capabilities:






I knew it won't support HD DVD at all, but I was surprised to find out it doesn't support DVD+RW DL... not that I ever even seen on of those.

It can read a CD-R90 just fine. Regarding CD-I, I don't know, I think a simulator is needed or something. 

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