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My settings panel layout screenshots for ps2 games... what do u think?


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well as I read ur manual http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=6232 I noticed few changes could be of use... there are few things I didn't do before like checking hash and crc with soft like RapidCRCUnicodePortable, 7z test archive option... and I used Verbatum dvd-r... now me uses Sonys dvd-r... works like a charm every time even if verifying reveals hash, md5 are not right and few sector problems are present .... before either it would run the game from first but after few uses its a drag of getting disc read (no scratches), some didnt work from the first rather 3,4 or 5th try or who knows ...used to burn at 4X as PS2 has 4X reader but one technical site said that writing speed has no effect on reading and read on ur site suggestion to reather use 8X or 12X (now set on AWS 8X)... anyhow, finally half of dvds wont end up in trash bin ... definitely the best software... everybody should support and donate ;) cheers and thx for quick reply

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