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Small issue - update icon


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hey LIGHTNING UK! - this is not a really a big thing bur it would make the program look more Windows 7, not Windows XP. On "Write Mode -> Create CUE File..." next to the the "Quick OK" button, the Notepad button has an old XP Notepad icon...




maybe changing it to the new Windows 7 Notepad icon?


Another thing (1)...

On "Automatic Write Speed" form, could there be/is there a setting to not show the "Getting Started" tool tip for "Entering the media code" :)


Another thing (2)...

On "Automatic Write Speed" form, it does not allow to minimize the form, why does "Create CUE, DVD and MDS File..." allow you to, if you are not allowed to use controls on the main form? (and other forms that do)


Another thing (3)...

I have searched this forum for the first time ;), I have only a found spiting topic about the "Disc Layout Editor" panels, but can/will ImgBurn be able to split one DVD DL (8,5 GB) into two DVD SL (4,7 GB). Hey just like DVDFab's feature? Or does that fall under, "ripping or encoding" RULE


Thanks for your time :)

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1. I prefer the existing one to the default Windows 7 one.


2. Yes, add something into it and then it won't show up the next time you open it.


3. The form defaults to having them all enabled and it isn't something I'd noticed or I guess thought about doing when I created those two (DVD and MDS share a common form).


4. No, it can't and won't.

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