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Dutch Translation for ImgBurn v2.5.8.0


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Half baked translation


* The field for "close program" (Programma Afsluiten) is too long for the assigned space. Its only partially visible as "Programma Afsl.."

* Under info on the burn screen the correct translation into context of "Copy" is not "Kopieer" but "Kopie"

* don't know if this is translation error or program error but they key combo for eg log sais "Ctrl + maj + Q", that's french not dutch. Should be "Ctrl + shift + Q". Same for "Ctrl + Mag + L" for log


and thats only 2 min's into using the new version. Wouldn't surprise me if there were more errors in it.


as i suspected. There's more of em


* "Clear System Error" does not translate to "Fout bij herstellen"

* "Drive" does not translate to "speler"

* "Performer" does not translate to "Inzetter":


Attached is the proper translation with others fixed aswell. Will do a complete review this wknd


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