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version conflicts with windows 8 & 8.1 iso MOUNT


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Should have nabbed the version number; it's via one of those download managers, claims lightning UK as source, works as well here on win 8 and now 8.1 as it does at school on win 7 and win xp.




It breaks the windows file association of *.iso with explorer.exe. iso mounts stop working and are challenging to restore. If imgburn remains present the next reboot breaks it again.


None of the normal windows tricks fix it. Sometimes even importing a prior entire registry or regressing to a system restore point doesn't fix it, nor do hand-edits in the registry.


I've only been able to fix it these ways: old registry import; system restore; and imgburn uninstall all worked exactly once (but have been tried multiple times). I imagine this relates to how much changes from the imgburn install to the fix of the issue.


I think, but am not certain, that one other way works, even when all other ways known to me did not: manual deletion of EVERY registry key related to *.iso, and insertion of the *.iso/OpensWithProhids key in classes root. This is the fix before the last fix. The last fix, I checked IMMEDIATELY after imgburn install, MOUNT was broken, but tgis time, uninstall of imgburn appears to have fixed MOUNT.


The attached file installs one of thus yuk download managers which in turn installs the imgburn version in question. One might not want to run in unless an easy partition reimage is available, it really does what I'm telling you. Not certain if the evil is in the files the official website's mirrors distribute, or not.


It's curious that explorer and imgburn coexist fine as burners but not as imnge file mounters

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This is just due to Microsoft's implementation of the 'Mount' context menu entry... it's rubbish.


As soon as anything else is added as an option is just seems to disappear.


I'm pretty sure that the first time I came across this problem, the 'Mount' option was still on the 'Open With' sub menu.

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