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Stripping of Pre Gap when adding Cue File to new Create Cue File window


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or a "feature".  


I like that the Create Cue Window allows you to "add" a cue file, but when you do so it doesn't add everything. 


I've noticed that it strips out the PreGap info and sets all the PreGaps to (the default???) 0.  I'm not sure if I'm losing anything else because the Flac files I'm using don't contain any meta data other then track number (IE it may be stripping out CD text too, but I'm not using it, so I don't notice).


I can't seem to find a place to tell it to NOT strip the PreGap info, and I tried searching the forum and found nothing about it.


Is it supposed to strip that info out?  Is there some way I can edit a cue file using imgburn and maintain the PreGap info?



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Any chance you'll be adding the ability to add all the cue info when adding a cue file?


Hmmm.... I think maybe I see why you did it that way, otherwise there's so many questions about which session, or disk info do you take.... 


Maybe if rather then just track file names it took all the track data (so pregaps and just the track meta data, not disk or session).  Should I start a new topic on the suggestions forum for that, or is that something that would never happen because you're happy with how it works?

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