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ImgBurn + Conduit + TrustWorthy == FAIL


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I just donated $50 on this upgrade of ImgBurn. I opted-out of the extra crapware.


To say that I'm pissed is to understate the obvious. Conduit and TrustWorthy are borderline malware.


I saw another user complain about this issue, and the response was: "there is an opt out, unfortunately you have been too click happy"


Maybe I missed it - is there more than one opt-out location? Did I somehow opt-out in the WRONG WAY?


This is completely unacceptable. 1) I shouldn't be in a position that installing ImgBurn puts me at risk, and 2) I SHOULD BE ABLE TO EASILY OPT-OUT OF ALL CRAPWARE. And don't tell me Conduit + TrustWorthy does no damage - they completely wipe my open tabs list, and resets many many settings in FireFox, Chrome and IE - all of which I use on a daily basis.


I love ImgBurn, and have felt comfortable and safe using it - hence my willingness to make a donation.


Now given the complete and utter <bleep> I've been put through here - why should I let the donation stand? Why shouldn't I just cancel it and let you guys deal with the hassle of a denied paypal payment?

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OpenCandy's policies state there will always be an opt-out for anything their platform offers you during installation.


There should always be an uninstall option in the usual place too, but I know uninstallers rarely reset any search / homepage changes they make. I don't know why, they just don't.



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OpenCandy's policy notwithstanding, I opted out and still received crapware.


The uninstallers did NOT return my system to a pre-crapware state.


Once again: why should I continue to support your efforts?


In my mind your reply indicates an awareness of the problem, but no ownership of your part in it. How about some transparency? Expose the revenue you would get from OpenCandy and ask your community to support you at that same level.


You've worked hard and deserve to be supported. WE DO NOT DESERVE THE OPENCANDY CRAPWARE.

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And in a final attempt to get a rational response, I'm going to quote one of the defenders of this policy: "Well, the millions of downloads that I mentioned are for the current version there were no additions to the loader after it was released.  In your utopian world people may not need to make a buck or two on their program.  But in the world that most of us exist in, being paid for something isn't a bad thing."


First of all, I realize it's the height of bad form to post to my own post... but I wasn't allowed to reply to the post that carry's the quote above, so I'm stuck airing my point here.


The point by @spinningwheel is well taken. Yes indeed, hard work that is used by many deserves compensation. That is not the argument at hand. As I mention in my prior post, I believe there are other ways for the ImgBurn community, and in particular its author, to get paid.


Being a vector for borderline malware is a terrible way to make money, even if OpenCandy is handing out big bucks.


The repeated statement that OpenCandy always allows opt-out doesn't address the absolute fact that I opted-out at least once, and still received the OpenCandy payload.


I donated $50 as a sign of good faith.


I've been trying to be rational and fair handed in my discussion. I've seen argument by tu quoque and bandwagon, but nothing that substantive explaining the facts as they stand.

  1. What is the revenue differential between donation and OpenCandy?
  2. Has anyone contacted OpenCandy to determine whether there is something wrong on their end?
  3. What are the download numbers before and after the agreement with OpenCandy?
  4. Where is the ownership by the ImgBurn community for the egregious lack of consideration of their users? Why continue to blame the users?
  5. Does OpenCandy offer 100% guaranteed removal of their shitty software? If not, where is there guidance offered by the ImgBurn community on how to remove that shitty software?

This is my last attempt to gain some perspective here. @spinningwheel was very dismissive of another user's departure - mostly because that user was abusive.


I can assure you I'm not the kind of user you want leaving.

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