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[SOLVED] ImgBurn Error after finished burning a NRG image file


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Hello everyone,

I'm newbie to this forum. I'm reporting a bug happened just when ImgBurn finished burning a NRG image —612MB— into a CD-R. The filename was Paginas.amarillas.2013.nrg. It was on Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bits. I attached the bug report here.



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Please post the ImgBurn logfile as per the pink bit above.


Wh0t? Don't get ya.


Turn off the 'capture graph data' feature in the settings. It seems to trigger a bug in the compiler I use which results in the floating point error crash.


Thanks. Already turned off. I'll try this way next time I have to burn a NRG image file, most people use ISO though. :lick:

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