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Minor issue with Modes

Neil Wilkes

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Sorry to nit pick, but here goes.

I use Sony's DoStudio for our BD authoring, and normally IMGBurn launches right out of the "compile BluRay" dialogue, correctly set up for burning the disc output to BD-R.

Everything is correct.

However, if I come out of DSA & load up IMGBurn to make an ISO (files/folders to image option) and then perform this operation (which works just fine, BTW) and then close IMGBurn & go back into DSA then when I try to use the "burn" option, IMGBurn remains in "Files/Folders to ISO" mode even though the little tivk says it is in "build" mode and will not perform the burn because there is no full path set in the destination.


It's easy enough to get around - I simply reset the mode & it worked everything out properly.


Latest build, running on Windows 7 Pro in 64-bit ands the latest build (3.0.80) of DoStudio.

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That's their (your?) problem, not mine.


Tell them to add the command line switch to set the correct 'output' method ('/BUILDOUTPUTMODE <DEVICE | IMAGEFILE>').

That's fair enough! ;)


The only reason I thought it a bug is because it usually works properly - it is only when I have used it outside DoStudio that it falls apart.

Still, it will be reported to them - as it does indeed look like their problem (now there's different - not!)



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