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Installer adware - Not complaining, just pointing something out...


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I'm posting this based on what I read in http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=21969.


Yes, this is my first post. I don't live for the ImgBurn forums and this is the first time I felt like saying something. No, I'm not here just to "bitch", rather, I'm pointing out what I believe to be the reason the OP in the above topic had a problem with the adware installation. I had a problem with the installation myself and I'm no noob to avoiding the "click happy" install and I do tend to muse about the people that do it. However, the problem with this install is not that I was "click happy" in any way. The problem is that adware installs are trying to get sneaky with different tricks to make you think it MUST be installed. An example would be the fact that most software REQUIRES you to agree to the EULA. So when a secondary EULA pops up, most people tend to just click next. However, as I'm sure most of you know, those secondary EULAs are generally for adware and you do not have to agree to them to install. I just downloaded and went to install the latest ImgBurn only to end up closing the installer thinking I was having adware forced on me. Admittedly, I was even a little ashamed that it got me, but I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one who was taken for a bit of a ride. Why? When you get to the adware install screen, the option to choose "custom" is actually greyed out in a manner that 99.9% of other windows programs use to identify the option as UNSELECTABLE. I imagine this was done on purpose as another sneaky trick to make people think they HAVE to install it. A quick forum search and I realized where my mistake was made. This was not a problem related to impatience or ignorance. The adware is PURPOSEFULLY trying to trip people up and make them think installation is unavoidable. As I said earlier, those tricks are becoming common place in installers and they will never stop me from using any program (as long as they can be desselected).


My suggestion:


1. Don't employ such "tricks" in adware (unlikely to happen and I dont blame you for doing it to support your free product).




2. Be more understanding of the fact that these "tricks" do make some people slip up (even those like me who work small business IT for a living).


The OP in the link at the top of this post had a legitimate problem and instead of "you have misunderstood, here is your solution" he was berated. Not professional at all. So unprofessional, in fact, that I expect to be flamed for this and won't be looking for a reply.

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