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i/o Error by ISO Burning (BD)


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I have a Big Problem to Burn ISO what I?ve Creat with Our IMGBURN Program.

I Made my ISO with IMGBURN for Blu-Ray (Data) with Setup UDF 2.50. If I want Burn the ISO, Imgburn starts and Break up at the Leadin.

This happens with BD 50 and 25 GB. Imgburn told me their will be an i/o SATA Error.

When I Burn the Same Datas (in the ISO) direct to Disc, it will Burn without any problem. Please, told me whats happen.

It Looks Like, thet Imgburn have Problems by Creating the ISO.

I Test to Burn ISO (Created under Imgburn) with an other Program, same Problem. After writing Lead In, Programm stop Burning,

with same Failure.


I got this Problem under Win 7 ULT (64bit) and Win 8 Pro (64bit). A New Windows Installion doesent fix the Problem.


Please Help




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Sorry, can`t Post a Copy of Logfile. I`ve make an New Windows Installation.






I know their must be no Difference between Writing Files/Folder and ISO. But I Burned 3  50GB and 3  25 GB (Verbatim) Storages and 2 panasonic 50GB.

Everytime, same Problem. Starts Burning. And Stops by writing Lead-In. The Problem looks that the ISO`s I made with Imgburn are not Correctly done.

With an other Burningsuite, the same Problem. Can`t Burn the ISO`s created under Imgburn.If I Burn The Same Datas as in the Iso direct from HD/Folder to Disc,

it will work. If I try to Create ISO`s with an Other Burningsuite (XPBurner or Nero) and try to Burn it with Imgburn, their are no Problems.


Here some Hardwarefeatures of my System:

ACER ASPIRE 7750G , ATI Radeon 6850M (1GB), Ram 16BG DDR-3, 265GB Crucial SSD M4 (Boot), 512GB Crucial SSD M4 (Datadrive), LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE BT10N GL02 (Burner) SATA),

System: Win 7 ULT (64bit) and Win 8 Pro (64bit).


No Hardwarefailure found. My System works Fine. Only the Problem with i/o SATA Error when I Use Imgburn to Burn ISO`s.


Hope this can Help You.



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Sorry, I can't really tell / do anything without a log.


Both methods work fine for me.


What gets written to the image file or directly to disc is also identical.


Can you burn to a BD-RE to try and capture the error? Technically, even just burning to DVD-RW / DVD+RW would do the job.


Obviously this isn't a generic issue as ImgBurn is used by loads of people all over the world for BD burning. Lots of applications actually hook into it for that very purpose - BD Rebuilder etc. If it just flat out didn't work, I'd have known about it aaaaages ago.

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