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File name clash when creating .iso file from files and folders


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One may require all the files in the paths a/x/b and a/y/b to be copied to a .iso file.

However if there is a common file name, ImgBurn appears to  issue an error message and stops.


eg for file name c, a/x/b/c and a/y/b/c seems to result in an ImgBurn failure.

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They are in different folders:

          a      folder
      |         |
      x         y  folder
      |         |
      b        b  folder
      :         :   file
      c        c   file
      :         :   file

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They might be on your hdd but that doesn't mean they're ending up in different folders in the image / on the disc. You're probably just dragging both 'c' folders to the source box yeah? You'd have to 'preserve full pathnames' so that the different parent folders are added to the image to get around the clash.


The program wouldn't error out if there wasn't a problem somewhere along the line.


Take a screenshot of the error message and also of the main ImgBurn window showing the 'Source' box (ideally in 'Expanded' form).


All of this stuff is made much easier/clearer by using Advanced input mode and the Disc Layout Editor window.

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The advanced tab does not seem to help. I have V2.5.7.


A screen sot is attached.

What I thought should happen is files explicitly mentioned (eg Setup.exe)

would appear in the root folder of the CD image whereas the mention

of a folder only, would load all the files in the folder, including the path.

There are two folders: Discmaps\syd15\mapphoto and Discmaps\mel40\mapphoto.

If I delete one, the iso is created without an error message, then mounting it as a CD

does seem to display what I was expecting, with a full path for the folder.



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Thanks, no bug!


What threw me was that with one path, without a file name attached, listed

in the `non-advanced' source window, that path and all associated files appeared

in the iso image (that is, the mounted CD). So that seemed to be the `simple' way

to do it - except when a second path was introduced.

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