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i/o Error by Taiyo Yuden Burning (DVD-R)


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This is meant to follow up on this post.


I would have left a reply in there, but I'm guessing that only mods can reply in support forums because the link said I could not post. I read the FAQ before posting this and did a forum search on some of the error terms with no result.


I am getting an I/O error during the Leadin stage, the same as the OP in the above post. I've narrowed my problem down to a combination of Taiyo Yuden DVD-R and ImgBurn with those particular discs. It was originally a stack of 90 discs and I burned approximately 15 of them successfully. However, the same program (ImgBurn) with the same discs (Taiyo Yuden DVD-R) on the same computer eventually threw the I/O error and I haven't been able to burn with that program/disc combo since. I downloaded Nero as a shot in the dark and it did successfully burn anything I wanted to the Taiyo Yuden discs. The type of information I choose to burn is irrelevant as any burn attempt with TY/ImgBurn results in the error. I know my DVD drive is ancient, but I have no problems burning any other discs (CD, DVD-R, DVD+RDL) with any chosen program. I've tried to include all the variables I can think of. If I've left anything out, just ask.


Log files and screenshot of error are attached.







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So...my problem seems to be related to write speed. Bumping it up from 4x to 8x allowed the Leadin to write and the disc is currently burning. I almost always burn at 4x including the original TY that burned properly. Any idea why it would suddenly get finicky about write speed part way through a stack?

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