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OpenCandy? Really? Bad move.


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I really didn't want to post a new thread. And like other threads, mine will likely be locked as well. I wanted to just reply to one of the money already existing threads on this subject. But the threads are either locked or say that I can not reply to them. 


So here I am. I registered just so I could post my complaint. I hardly use ImgBurn. But it's nice to have just in case I do need it. But if money is an issue without resorting to OpenCandy, then just scrap the project. Or make it open source so someone else can maintain it.


I now have to put ImgBurn on my list of software that I recommend that people avoid until this is sorted out. Or to use and earlier without malware included.

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New member cannot hijack other peoples threads.


OpenCandy is just an advertising platform. It's serving up program offerings in the same way Google AdSense serves up adverts on a webpage. Whichever advertiser bids the highest for a given request is the one that gets shown to the user.


There are several ways to install without ever seeing the OpenCandy offers and these have all been documented here on the forum (and in the OpenCandy FAQ). You can also just 7zip the setup exe and drag out the ImgBurn.exe file yourself.


Nothing is going to get 'sorted out'. Just adapt and deal with it.

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