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Bloatware - Yes, I opted out - Yet didn't work.


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Fucking bullshit software


(1) Bloatware was installed: 3 browsers were infected. Firefox / Chrome / Internet Explorer

(2) I disabled add-ons.  Insufficient.

(3) Add/remove Programs: uninstalled 3 programs that were installed during Imgburn install.  Insufficient.

(4) Malwarebytes: Scan identified a plethora of bloatware, or PUP.  And yes, they were unwanted programs.   Insufficient.

(5) I reset Firefox / Chrome / Internet Explorer to defaults.  THIS WORKED.    - Of course, I lost my speed tab shortcuts.


Yes folks, that's how invasive this bloatware is.  It sinks its hooks in and cannot be removed unless you reset your browser.


I am going to share this information as I see fit. I am thoroughly disgusted and think Lightning UK should be slapped silly with a week old rotten brook trout.

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