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That's the expression stuck on my face after reading the OpenCandy threads.


I'm not one to jump ship just because of bundled crapware, but ImgBurn's author obviously has no qualms about profiting by taking advantage of people who aren't tech-savvy, and the forum elitists who are all-to-eager to tell "victims" that they are stupid don't reflect well on the community.


On top of this questionably immoral practice the author keeps blaming others for a problem where he is complicit. If the software is bad, he blames OpenCandy, but strangely, OpenCandy's FAQ states that developers choose and approve all software that is offered while installing their program. That after all, is what makes saying "ImgBurn Recommends" acceptable in the OpenCandy installer. I found it odd that the author took issue with the recommendation in one post, despite all the OpenCandy material suggesting he technically IS recommending the software. 


And then there's all the posts where the author basically blows off complaints by saying certain things couldn't happen because they are against OpenCandy's policies.

Well, OpenCandy openly states they do not "trick" people into installing any software, but we've got multiple accounts of greyed out Express/Custom installers and greyed out "Decline" buttons from people all across the web. (The greyed out "Custom" install was what caught my own attention during my ImgBurn install). Additionally, OpenCandy states that they vet every single piece of software they offer, so it's not really believable that these installers are just anomalies that snuck by.


The author profits from OpenCandy. This problem was reported to him over a month ago. It still persists. Push them to fix the issue or drop them--otherwise the author should just admit they don't really care as long as they're getting paid (or at least stop pretending that they actually think the greyed out options IS an issue at all). The author is the only member of the community who can directly pressure OpenCandy, and to not do so only shows that he has little respect for it, IMHO.


So, yeah. I can tolerate crapware, but crapware + blame games + condescending community members + developer who clearly doesn't care what hoops his partner makes his users jump through....and I'll just switch over to the slightly more complex process of making bootable thumb drives for the rare occasions where I'd usually crank out a DVD.


Better for the environment anyhow, so I guess I should thank you for the motivation.


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I've already spoken to OpenCandy (several times) about the greyed out 'custom' button that some of the advertisers use and (as I understand it) they're in the process of offering us developers the chance to get rid of them (make it the 'normal' colour again). I'm not a big fish in OpenCandy's pond, but I do keep bringing it up with my contact there. All I know is that it's in progress and it'll (hopefully) be done when it's done.


Where I've said things are against OpenCandy's policies, I'm pretty sure I'd have been talking about installing software without the user ever having seen any sort of prompt to opt-out of installing that software.

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