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Download Warning of Malicious Code


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I just tried downloading the latest version of ImgBurn from the (supposedly official) download page at:




I clicked on the GREEN 'Download Now' icon, the one with the BLUE downward arrow on the left hand side.


This was the file: 




As soon as the download had completed I got a warning that this was a file with embedded Malicious Code and to delete it immediately - which I did.


I then decided not to upgrade ImgBurn and will now never do so. I simply cannot trust you. ImgBurn itself might have embedded malicious code too.


It is quite unacceptable to have such code - apparently malicious - so freely and easily downloadable from the official site.



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You clicked on an advert that downloaded SmartTweak's 'Speed Up My Computer' program.


I just ran the file through VirusTotal... it came with a 0/48 detection rate - i.e. *nothing* flagged it.




So what's warning you about something 48 other AV products aren't seeing?!


Oh and obviously ImgBurn doesn't contain any malicious code. :doh:

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