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How many M2TS movies in one br disc ?


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Can anyone answer to my questions please (if possible answer in the order I ask...) ?


(1) If I have 10 movies (M2TS) each one 2GB,can I burn them in one BR disc (23,3GB) ?

The player will automatically start with the first movie and then each next movie or will I see a kind of menu to choose which to play ?


(2) If I burn a 10GB movie (M2TS) in a 23.3GB BR disc can I add whenever I want a second movie or after the first burning the BR disc is "closed" permanently ?


(3) When I want to put 5 (M2TS) movies in one BR disc,I put them simply as 5 files or do I have to mux them in one file ?



Thank you (!)

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You can burn whatever fits on the disc.


Only certain players will support playing raw files like that though, yours may require a proper BD Video structure - in which case you'll need to author your 10 (or any amount of raw video files) into the proper structure and make yourself a menu. You can use something like MultiAVCHD for that.


You can't do multisession with ImgBurn and even if you could, the above still applies. Just adding another raw m2ts file to the disc may not work if your player doesn't play files / discs like that.

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