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PC Utilities Pro – Optimizer Pro bundled with ImgBurn


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 I just downloaded the latest version of ImgBurn and ran the installation. It was bundled with "PC Utilities Pro – Optimizer Pro" - very much malware. And malware it is when the program blocks programs without your consent, reports false hard drive errors and uses fake error messages in order to intimidate the user into buying a piece of useless crapware that probably only loads even more crap unto the system. I've cleaned out enough systems of crapware in my time to be able to recognize crapware when I see it. 










  (You need more? I can easily get it..)



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Nothing is 'bundled' with ImgBurn, open the installer exe in 7zip and see for yourself.


The OpenCandy plugin used by the installer makes product offerings as part of the normal installation process. You're able to opt out of their installation if you aren't interested in the program(s) being offered to you at that specific moment in time.


I'm not familiar with the one you've mentioned, so I can't comment on that.

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