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A couple of suggestions


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Hi everyone. I have thought of some suggestions that ImgBurn could be improved by.


1) ImgBurn uses icon/images that are based on Windows 7 mostly. On Ez-picker the folder icon is Windows 7.

So ImgBurn supports Windows XP yeah? So when Windows XP is detected on ImgBurn maybe ImgBurn can use the old Windows XP images instead, but of course the user should be able to disable this in the settings.


2) ImgBurn supporting file size formatting. ImgBurn use to display the file sizes in binary prefixes, so can't it have multiple options?

I got this from FileZilla FTP Client settings:


* Display size in bytes

* IEC binary prefixes

* Binary prefixes using Si symbols

* Decimal prefixes using SI symbols


Oh using thousands separator is pretty neat.

Also number of decimal places in counting the file size.


3) Not really necessary but OK, also from FileZilla:

Time formatting. ImgBurn currently uses ISO 8601, I guess. That what FileZilla says. but having the option to have custom formatting's is pretty cool as well.


Current: 22:01:35


Then you could make custom one as well.



Adding a millisecond at the end.


That mostly wraps it up :)




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