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tried to donate, then tried to email = bah humbug


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Basically I tried to donate. Got rejected because the county is in the US, not what is available on the choice drop-down. 


I tried to email you and got returned. 

Well, let me know? Have wonderful day, so much gratitude for your program. Sincerely, Vivi

(PS: I think I have another profile but forgot the email and password and took too much time to play the sign in prove human game four times or more I gave up. Ha ha) Enjoy, smiles 4 miles


Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

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That appears to be a PayPal bug.


I'd expect the list of possible options in the 'County' field to change when I go between say 'United Kingdom' and 'United States', but it doesn't.


Until they fix the bug, a workaround would be to create an actual PayPal account at http://www.paypal.com/ and then just enter your login / password on the donation screen.


I don't know why your email would fail to be delivered - assuming you were sending it to a valid address!

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