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unable to save settings to registry


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Hello all.

Whenever I quit ImgBurn lately, i get this error message "unable to save settings to registry".

I'm using ImgBurn ver

System is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

Recently the only thing I've changed in my system is the antivirus program, from AVAST Free Antivirus to AVG Antivirus.

I'm the only user in this computer, it is already admin.

Do I need to edit the Windows registry manually for ImgBurn?

Please advice, thank you.

BTW, Merry Christmas to all!

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Does it work ok if you disable AVG for a minute or add an exception?


You aren't running ImgBurn via anything other than a normal double click etc yeah? Don't force it to run as Admin or anything, that shouldn't be required.


It should only be writing to HKCU\Software\ImgBurn so the normal logged on user should be able to do that.


p.s. there have been a few updates since

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Hello LUK! TY for reply.

Normally I just double-click on ImgBurn.

I tried disable AVG antivirus, but it didn't work.


Problem is gone only when I right-click "Run as administrator".

Maybe something gone wrong to my system during my Uninstall of previous antivirus.


Anyway, I uninstalled ImgBurn from my computer, reboot, and reinstall, now the problem was gone.

Thanks for the update of new version of ImgBurn, i'll check it out.

Thank you very much!

Enjoy the holidays!

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