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Just something I find somewhat amusing on the homepage


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I noticed this statement on the home page of this website: "Please do not use this software to make illegal copies of copyrighted discs."


Since when was ImgBurn capable of making back up copies of copyright materials? And if it's not capable, which was my understanding, why put that statement on the home page?


It would be similar to a gun manufacturing company putting the slogan "Please do not use this gun to rob banks" on their packaging.

Or for a rope company to put the slogan, "Please do not use this rope to tie people up/down with".

Maybe gas stations should put up signs on each pump that say, "Please do not use this gasoline to engage in acts of pyromania".



It's just somewhat amusing to me. 


But if it's there for no other reason than to try and nudge people in the proper moral direction they should at least change it to make a little more sense.


"Please, do not use this software in conjuction with other software to make illegal copies of copyrighted discs."


ImgBurn alone has no power to do so.

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Assume you make a home video and it's in the physical shape of a DVD.


Even if there is no copy protection system on the disc, you are still the copyright holder and don't want it do be distributed illegally by people making copies with the help of ImgBurn.

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I personally don't think it's "ImgBurn"s place to think of every evil deed that can be executed with their software and post a request on their front page not to engage in those acts. Just like it's not Ford Motor company's job to ask people from refraining from every criminal act that can be executed with one of their vehicles.


It's silly. Should they also put up a notice requesting that no one use their software to burn kiddy porn? Do not use "ImgBurn" to transport classified information outside the United States of America? Do not use ImgBurn for x, and y, and z, and aa, and ab?


But again, it's their website, so they can post whatever they want on the frontpage. It's just 'somewhat' amusing. that's all.

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