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Minor bug, but thought you should know.


1) Start Imgburn

2) Click Help/About menu item

3) In the "About" pop-up window, click "OK" or "X"-out

4) Immediately terminate Imgburn


Within a minute or two, a *.dmp file appears in my User Profile "CrashDump" folder.


Can't attach files as they are too big.


ImgBurn.exe.4448.dmp and ImgBurn.exe.5008.dmp

both 13,476 KB each

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That's not something I can reproduce.


If it's taking a while for the dmp file to appear, can you check to see if ImgBurn.exe is still running as a process in Task Manager for that period of time?


It should vanish from it straight away. If it isn't, something else is wrong somewhere.

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It takes about 30 seconds for the DMP file to appear.


I brought u[p Task Manager to watch it.

When I terminate Imgburn, it immediately is removed from the Application Tab.


But when I watch it in the Process Tab, the EXE hangs around

until the DMP file appears, then is removed from the Process list.

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It may be something else on your system that's causing it to crash then.


ImgBurn has its own exception handler built in that would normally ask you to send bug reports for me to examine. As yours isn't doing that, the crash must be after even that part of code has finished working.


Try booting into safe mode and see if the same thing happens.

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