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Thanks for snap.do. Now, how to get rid of it?


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Oh, yeah.

ImgBurn itself is a fine program. But it does not come alone. Yes, the Snap.do shit.

Maybe I missed a flag, whatever. I removed and started the installation program again, now read the fine print carefully.

And there it is:


"We ensure that all OpenCandy recommended third party software which may be installed allows for simple uninstallation without harming your computer, and without leaving files or applications behind.


So, what exactly do you believe to be "simple uninstallation"?


Of course, you won't answer. Just lie on your back and see the money rolling in...

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It comes alone if you opt out of whatever OpenCandy happens to offer you. It can vary each time you run the setup program.




You'd have to direct this question to OpenCandy... I am not OpenCandy.


Simple to me would be the traditional method via 'Programs and features' in Control Panel.

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Well, I must admit, I did not expect an answer. Kudos for that.

Uninstalling via the Control Panel is how it should be. And the program is there. And the "Delete" option.


It is just that nothing happens.


So it cannot be removed in a simple way.

So it is a breach of contract.

Thanks a lot.

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I can't say that I'm familiar with snap.do so I've no idea what would need to be removed.


You have a few options....


Google 'snap.do removal' and see what comes up.


Contact opencandy and see what they say on the matter. If you aren't happy the removal process fits with their t&c's, they should be told about it.


Contact whoever makes snap.do and ask them how to remove it.

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