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Option to opt out is being prevented by the thrid party app


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I understand the need to motenize your software  it is a great peice of work and is worth  some cash .


However you may want to audit several installs of imgburn your self , so you can experince what exactly is being potrayed to the end user,  in the so called "opt out selection"


The other day i was testing if a windows xp machine could actually write to cds..   so i downloaded img burn  to do the test .


upon install i was presented with the custom install option which i chose .


it then proceeded to give 3 options to install conduit . ( conduit is a gateway infector their add servers routinely server up malware and trojans intentional or not  conduit is bad for a computers health )


so looking at the 3 options presented  regarding the conduit install


none of them prevented the intall


1st option was a full conduit install


2nd also installed conduit in some fashion


3rd was a conduit install  but retains your settings so you can uninstall conduit at a later date and get them back ...



in all those options there was no way of preventing or "opting out"  the conduit install.



I would seriously reconsider using this platform, as it places users at risk of harmful software  and the third party products are not honoring  the opt out option

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