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Imgburn installed unremovable Malware on my PC, without an Op-Out Option


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I have to say that I'm extremely shocked and disappointed. I know this will probably be deleted, but I'm posting it anyway.


Today, I discovered that Conduit search system and Tune Up were installed to my PC. The only thing I've installed recently, was Imgburn, last night. I couldn't belive it was Imgburn, even though I knew it was the only thing it could be. So I did a Google search and, sure enough, others have experienced the same thing.




Here's a post on reddit with a similar story to mine. I found a few other random forum posts through Google and even one, here, on this forum, by searching for Malware in the search bar.


I re ran the installer and, sure enough, the User Agreement mentions it will install the Open Candy platform which, I assume, chooses random Malware to install, as I've seen others have different programs but Conduit and Tuneup were among them. Unfortunately, there was NO way to install Imgburn without installing this crippling malware. I usually always check for this stuff, but I did NOT expect it from Imgburn. I downloaded the installer from THIS website.


After removing conduit from Firefox and my system, Firefox is now incapable of loading nearly any webpage without throwing up an Untrusted site warning which doesn't go away even if I add the site to the exception. Guess what the first site that gave me this warning was? Google. It also does it when you search for anything on Google. It also has disable system restore, meaning I will have to backup my 800 gb of data somewhere before totally reinstalling Windows.


I have to say, I'm severely disappointed. Selling out for money? Seriously? I loved Imgburn and I know plenty of other people do too. It has a huge following as it was a MUST HAVE software for me. You could have created a Pro version or really pushed the Donate option to the top of the page. Anything is better than viciously attacked your users.


I will never use Imgburn again. I have posted this to Reddit and told my friends who use the program. None of them believed me until they did some searches. That is the level of loyalty you have betrayed. I've made sure to tell all of my friends to be very vocal about never using this program again.


Certainly, once this really becomes widely known, Imgburn will die. It's a shame. It was so good and there could have been a ton of money in it for the author's over a long consistent period of time. I'm the type to buy lifetime passes and donate for software that I really love and that I want to support the developers of. But I will NEVER give the owners of Imgburn any money, now. And now, the software will just die off once all of the users realize it's bundled with malware. Congrtulations on allowing greed to destroy a stable, good thing.


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Nope, sorry. I had no option to opt out with my installer that I got from the Imgburn website.


This third party software hijacked my browser and after I removed the malware, it "broke" Firefox's certificate system making it almost impossible to do anything in Firefox. I was ony able to fix everything by using AdwCleaner. This is not third party software that benefits the user. It is malware that prohibits the use from convienently using their browser, not to mention whatever other shady garbage it might be doing. I've seen unverified claims that there might even be some keylogging going on here.


Regardless of that little rumor, the inclusion of malwar is extremely suspicious and is an act that should warrant total loss of trust and reputation of the developers. I'm sorry, but we promoted this software, donated, and gave many favorable reviews, all because we trusted it would always remain a safe, useful piece of sotware. The developers or who ever made the decision to bundle OpenCandy platform pissed all over that trust and essentially committed suicide for Imgburn.

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