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Backup of Data files to BD-R disk


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I'm making archival backups of my various computer files and data to the new 25GB BD-R M-Discs from Milleniata, and for the first one I tried UDF 1.02 and it appears to have worked just fine.


As the filesystem was prepared by ImgBurn, I saw a message appear "Generating UDF Compliant Names" which troubled me in that I thought UDF 1.02 was supposed to just leave names alone. Or maybe it had to do with looking for illegal characters?


Another question: the wikipedia information for UDF 2.50 states that added was the capability for "optional duplication of file system information". I dunno that I want or need this, but wonder if ImgBurn supports this somehow nonetheless.


I have seen comments here and elsewhere suggesting 2.50 or 2.60 for BD-R data backups but don't understand the benefit especially as 1.02 appears to be readable on any device. Comments?


Thanks to LUK for this great tool!

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There are still file name length limitations, illegal chars and Unicode support that ImgBurn has to take care of - along with ensuring unique file names within a folder. The 'generating udf compliant names' bit just covers anything the program has to do for that file system.


2.50 and 2.60 have 'mirrors' of certain file system descriptors - this is already supported (and always used) by ImgBurn.


The only benefit of those is the duplicate file system descriptors.

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