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Option for disabling "Fix VTS Sectors Failed" prompt


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I use ImgBurn in batch files, and I would like an option (under Settings-Build or cmd line) for disabling the following prompt:

Fix VTS Sectors Failed!
Reason: ...
Do you want to continue anyway?

I don't want to disable the "Fix VTS Sectors" option (enabled in Settings-Build), but I need an option in the Prompts settings page for automatically answer 'Yes' or 'No' when fix vts sectors fail and the above window appears.




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Yes, I just want to 'continue' automatically (answering 'No', to avoid having a DVD not playable).

Assuming answering 'No', errorlevel return value should be greater than 0, like 2 (Read/Write/Build/Discovery failed) or a new one (example: 6 = Fix VTS Sectors Failed).


After discovered the failed DVD, I will fix the problem manually with a DVD editor...


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