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Problem with noncompliant CUE sheets


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according to http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/20311-basic-questions-about-imgburn-capabilites/ ImgBurn can handle noncompliant CUE sheets.


However, I recently burned two coasters from the attached CUE sheet. Using the CD burned with the first sheet in a normal CD player, tracks after track 3 can't be found by the player. In the second sheet, the problem occurs after track 1.


Could someone please taka a look.


Thank you!!

In Two Minds.FLAC-noncompliant.cue

FLAC - Noncompliant.cue

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Try playing the disc in your PC... I'd assume it's ok.


If your standalone can't play it, it's probably due to the discs you're using / the drive that burnt it / the speed you burnt it at.


Update the firmware on your burner.




Buy some Taiyo Yuden CDs.


Burn at 16x or 24x rather than 'MAX'.

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I tried one of the CDs on the PC. They play OK with VLC.


The disks also play OK on the standalones, I tried two devices. The problem is that the standalones can't go directly to the tracks with higher numbers as described in the original post.


So I don't think it's a problem of the media, it seems to be a problem of the disk's table of content.

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