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Have you guys actually checked/audited your install file recently? (OpenCandy, Conduit Search Protect, no opt-out, malware, etc)

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I say this because it seems that Open Candy is now serving offers that DO NOT ALLOW ANY WAY TO OPT OUT.  I very carefully installed imgburn and the offer presented was for Conduit Search Protect.  I made sure to select the 'custom install' and unchecked all checkboxes.  Even when you do this, if you push 'next' the wording of the offer makes it such that the software by Conduit gets installed regardless.  THERE IS NO WAY TO OPT OUT.


There is a screen cap of the exact offer here, from a different user:



Notice that even if you choose 'custom install' and if you uncheck the boxes, the wording still says:


"By clicking 'Next' and choosing to install Search Protect, you confirm that you have read and agreed to Search Protect's Terms and Privacy Policy"


Perhaps it is the "Cancel" button that is the actual opt-out button in this case?  However expected behavior would mean that to push Cancel would be to cancel the entire setup and not install ImgBurn.


This is obviously not only me experiencing this, as evidenced by the recent rash of extremely unhappy people who are bashing the once good name of imgburn all over your forums and the rest of the internet.


I would highly recommend you guys getting this sorted out soon.  imgburn's reputation is already starting to get adversely affected by the deeds of the unscrupulous adware companies you have contracted, but there may still be time for you to save it if you don't let this go on for too long.  Don't let Open Candy partners destroy your years of hard work.

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Selecting 'Custom' and ensuring the boxes are unchecked would be the right way to deal with opting out of that particular offer.


The OpenCandy offers are all dynamic. The layout of the screens can change from day to day (and obviously do change from offer to offer). All changes are made at their end as nothing is hardcoded or bundled within the actual ImgBurn installer.

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