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Vista RC1 X-64


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No but I'm sure it works fine.


And why not use 5728 over 5600 anyway? That's the latest download from MS.

Thanks for the reply! Considering that this is a 64bit os, and none of my software works with it, I'm still quit happy with it, and it's quite stable, and I plan to buy Vista, when the retail version comes out!


I have found work arounds for my hardware, and it's to much of a pain to install yet another version, and go thru this again.


I installed it on it's own hdd, and have my XPpro on another drive that I can switch to, if need be.


" If it ain't broke, don't fix it"


What got me here, is to find software, like this, that will work with a 64 bit os.

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Has anyone used this on the 64 bit 5600 version?

I am running Vista x64 Beta 2. Just received the DVD for x64 build 5600 in the mail from Microsoft which I installed last night. ImgBurn seems to work fine - downloaded and created DVD with Vista build 5728 this evening. Had to use ImgBurn as Nero 6.6 and 7.0 both fail to install on Vista x64.

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