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Either a RAM error, or Imgburn quirk ?


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I loaded my files into the disk layout editor.  Everything looks good.  I start the burn, and about half way through,

it tells me one of the files was not found.  This is odd, because the files are still on the hard drive untouched.


Then I looked closer at the error in the log and there is a bogus character in the file name

as seen in the log.  The file in the log that is not found says this:

K:\k-temp\#music\VA픠- First Love


but the actual file on the hard drive is named

K:\k-temp\#music\VA - First Love


These files were loaded into Imgburn by dragging andf dropping the folders onto the layout editor.

If Imgburn keeps this file list in memory as the file layout is created, it occurred to me this might be memory

corruption.   As a precaution, I open the PC, cleaned out the dust and reseated the memory.


However, before closing down the program after the initial error, I saved the project..

When the project was later reloaded, I checked it and reburned the disk, this time without error.


If this was a transient memory error, wouldn't the error have been saved into the project ?

Then I thought perhaps it was something to do with the programs renaming of the files to satisfy the joliet rules.

The file in error, as far as I can see, was not renamed.  Here's the log.


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