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The setup file for ImgBurn is getting flagged as OpenCandy by AVG.

I think it is a false positive, and I am unsure where to put this.


If you have to try suggesting I use X Antivirus before I will even listen you will need to prove it does not have an install limit.

Norton has a 3 install limit, and if you reintall windows on the same machine more then 3 times in a year you need to buy a new copy. This was confirmed by Norton Support.

Bit-Defender sell keys that are good for one install, but if you reinstall Windows on the same machine you need a new key. This was also confirmed by Support.

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Before panicking, you should probably go and read the OpenCandy website. http://www.opencandy.com/


Yes, the ImgBurn installer uses the OpenCandy plug-in to display 3rd party product offerings as part of the installation process. There are loads of bits of software in the OpenCandy database so you could be offered different things each time you run the installer.


If you don't want what it's offering, just opt-out of (or don't opt-in to, as the case may be) installing them.

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