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Install other than c:\


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Not what happens for me ...I started at www,imgburn.com    and used the 'dowwnload' button

I downloaded filke from the website which after multiple key presses for IMGburn takes you to download the IMGburn file at:



  IMGBurn ... Innovative Systems ver  and 496Kb ... so installer rather than the application


Run .. first screen was just advising "The product will be downloaded and installed ..."

2nd screen .. had to selct custom install to avoid installing Yahoo toolbar

3rd screen ... had to  select custom install to avoid installing OPERA

4th screen .... had to select custon  install to avoid installingSpeedup your PC


(Really annoying that it tries to install all these things)


Then it jumped stright to install .... no options of where to install.

It then opens teh program


Strangely there is no desktop short cut and no IMGburn in All p rograms list .... so although it opened once, no where to start it again without doing install all over again.


This used to be a neat simple install.

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I just did exactly what you said .... I went to official home page   http://imgburn.com/


Click on as you describe ... on the blue bar 'download'

It takes you to a page where in middle of screen are several download links .... for safety I chose the one that states   Mirror 7 provided by IMGburn  and that takes you to




It downloads the installer ... if you choose Express  the installer tries to install a whole load of software by stealth ....

Opera, Tune up Utilities,


I notice it does not try to install in programs folder ... but in Appdata\Roaming  ??? is this correct ......

I did try the install but does not even put the correct IMG icon as the desktop shortcut ... just Windows default ..... makes this installer very suspect, so I uninstalled.


You would think you would be able to trust the official home page & official installer link ..... this is very poor to have stuff installed by default.

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There is no express or custom install for ImgBurn If you read the title / heading of the page you're seeing that on, I'm sure you'll actually see it says about installing a 3rd party program (these 'advert' pages are inserted by the OpenCandy plugin)


As in, it'll say:


'Install [such and such]'

' Recommended by ImgBurn'


You're free to opt out of anything you don't want, it has no effect on the installation of ImgBurn itself.

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I did do that .. it is surprising that you have to select 'custom'  not to install these unwanted software packages, standard express install will add them.. (seems like subterfuge)



In any event having selected no to all the extras .. install went ahead but it was not correct .... the desktop icon is not the usual 'disk'  but a standard windows text page icon .... as it does not install correct icon, am concerned that install has not taken place correctly.


Anyway I obtained install from CHIP Digital De .... that installed OK


Previously there was just a simple .exe to install purely imgburn .... that worked fine.things seem to be getting complicated.

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The problem with the desktop icon was probably a Windows glitch. If it double clicks ok and actually opens ImgBurn, it's fine. The icon would have probably sorted itself out after a reboot.


Before OpenCandy, the installer bundled the Ask.com toolbar. So it hasn't been a 'pure' ImgBurn-only installer for about 4 years now.

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