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Wheel of Fortune


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OK, sure everyone has seen this game before. here's how it works.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ --- _ _


Clue: Person

*** Dashes --- Separate words


We don't have a wheel so can't play for $$$$ and trips =))


So Give me a L


the poster who posts the puzzle comes back and lets everyone know if there is a L in the puzzle


L_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ --- _ _


Give me a G


Again the poster of the puzzle has to tell us if there is a G in the puzzle and make the changes


L_G _ _ _ _ _ G --- _ _


If someone posts "Give me an M and there in no M the poster of the puzzle needs to tell us there is no M.


Whoever solves the puzzle gets to post the new puzzle :thumbup:

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Well, this one is fairly obvious, but, I'm not sure if the game has actually started yet. ;)


Yea I made the first one simple. :thumbup:


Go ahead db, solve the puzzle and start the next one :)

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