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Using Avatars


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So, you no longer work? :D



Sorry, just ribbin' ya! :thumbup: Glad you got it worked out. Enjoy your stay, best o' luck :luck:, and all that rot! :lol:



:flowers: Don't worry. I'm just the board's resident loon!



I need some sleep... :sleeping:


There's always one :)

Thanks for your welcome.



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I've come across a few in my time. I've always been under the impression it's to do with the additional load on the server having to serve the avatars, when it's quite easy to have people host them offsite. The personal photo's are only accessed if you looks up someone's profile, i.e. fairly rarely, so the load for that is insignificant, compared to almost every message in every thread for the avatars.

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It's very odd that the Avatar can't be uploaded as easily as the Personal Photo. This is first forum I've visited that doesn't have that capability.



To add to the post above, the vast majority of visitors here either never post or learn what they have to and are gone within a few days - never to be seen again. There's not much point filling LUK's drive with crap that'll never be used.

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