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long time user of imgburn 1st time forum


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i have used imgburn for a lonnng time without any problems until now--- rip bluray image to hard drive using '' slyfox'' then burn onto bd discs using imgburn using a pioneer blueray reader / writer (reason for ripping is i have purchased bluray films from the USA and they wont play in my player as i am in a different zone, and need to copy to enable me to watch these films) 

I have had zero problems in the past however just today cant get imgburn to work with a message coming up as follows....



Device(D;D;D)pioneer BD.RW BDR-205-1.03 (E;)(USB)


Interpretation;check condition

CDB;AAA 00 00 00 03 40 00 00 00 40 00


Sense Area 70 00 03 00 00 00 00 73 03 00 00 00 00

SK Interpretation;Medium Error 

ASC/ASC Q Interpretation; Power Calibration Area error


I am guessing that it is telling me my reader/writer has had the gong!

however i can use it to rip discs to hard drive and it will allow me to use imgburn to rip ordinary DVDs to disc's but now it wont let me burn blue rays to blue ray discs.

Any clues?  do I need to alter the settings? and go easy on me as i'm not real tech savy

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How or where do I find the full log? And remember I did say I'm not tech literate.

Since posting my original query I gradually increased the burn rate and wasted a few more d/l discs(using tdk dl discs) until it finally worked with it burning the b/d data to disc,however when viewing the burnt disc (movie) the picture was good and it showed the audio as coming through in dts but halfway through the film the audio stopped, so that has resulted in another stuffed disc.

This exercise is proving rather costly.

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