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     I've used ImgBurn on a number of projects and for various purposes at this point and I have to say that it is a really excellent bit of software as well as extremely powerful and versatile. I have no doubt that some folks working for companies producing multi-GB suites of software for the consumer are wondering why they still manage to sell their bloatware when somebody has made it much less complicated to do all of the same stuff, without all of the menus and wigets and nonsense to sift through. 

     All of this stated, if I were to voice a single "issue", it would be the sarcastic messages received upon trying to cancel a process when using the program. It isn't that I don't have a decent sense of humor. It's just that when I'm doing this sort of work, I need a program to STOP when I tell it to, so that I am not wasting time waiting for it to do whatever it is doing other than stopping for me.

     Thank you so much for making this excellent tool and please don't take personally my simple complaint, as I will be using the software even if it tells me that it heard me the first time. Cheers!


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