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Option NOT To Install Open Candy (PUP)


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Most installers these days install some tracking or ad-ware but they usually give you the option, yours does not, it should.


I thought I'd removed all of it and MBAM found 5 more instances buried in my system - all installed with your software.






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Opencandy doesn't install, it's a single DLL file that's loaded and runs within the context of the setup program and that should be it.


It inserts a page or two as part of the installation wizard offering 3rd party software and they're what you can opt out of installing.

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No it doesn't / can't.


I have MBAM too and it just flags it (the setup program) up saying 'Non-Malware Detected' with the description 'PUP.Optional.OpenCandy' and the 'Action' defaults to 'Ignore Once'.


If you open the setup program in 7zip, you'll see that the only OpenCandy stuff it contains is the 'OCSetupHlp.dll' file. That's all MBAM is detecting because that's all there is.


The setup program extracts the dll to a temp folder, loads it and that inserts the pages into the wizard. Once the setup finishes, the dll is unloaded and either deletes itself or is just left dormant in your temp folder.

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