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Sweet switches

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Hi LightningUK,


I've been doing a bit of reconnaissance on this OpenCandy thing, and according to this link they're suggesting there's a much easier way to avoid the dreaded sweetness - run the exe from the command line using /NOCANDY. Well, I tried, and it seems this is /NOCANDO... haw haw haw


I was curious if this is a requirement of participating in the candy party to enable such a switch, or maybe I'm confused about the definition of OC enabled installers?




For those people who like toying around with command line switches, we like to enter this switch called /? to bring up our possible options. Would it be possible for this to reveal the immense power of ImgBurn, even if only to open the readme.txt file?


Well wishes,





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Brain explosion, you are right - ImgBurn does indeed load a messagebox - sorry I was trying to run the /? on the setup instead of the installed exe. *facepalm*


I had hoped the setup file could be made to enumerated any switches such as the /NOCANDY one but maybe this is out of your control?


I had to wage all kinds of war against Trend Micro to get ImgBurn to install, only solution was to create an exception for the temp directory so it could download, not even a Save As would work! In the end the AV was blocking the 3rd-party apps from being displayed even without running the switch, but it sounds like you probably already knew this


Thanks again :)

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