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Burning problem with BDVideo isofile.


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Configuration :

Motherboard : Gigabyte X48-DQ6
Memory : 2x2Go PC8400
Harddrive : Crusial CT512MX100SSD1
Burner : Liteon iHBS112 on Gigabyte eSATA
OS : Windows 7 64bits
ImgBurn version

When I try to burn some bluray video isofiles (no problem to playback via daemon tools and powerdvd), I start burning and nothing. Nothing go to memory buffer and the drive is blocked.
Mandatory reboot because when I turn off and on my external drive, it does not change anything, sata connection was down (Windows does not restart normaly, it is blocked).
I post this because I do not have any problem with some images.

Same problem if I use the build mode.


(Perform OPT before write is on)

Any ideas ?


Next stage, use Nero to try to burn.



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As your entire machine is stuck, you can bet ImgBurn is just waiting for some I/O to finish processing... which of course it won't if it's stuck. As to why your machine is getting hung up, I have no idea I'm afraid.


Please post the log at the point where it's stuck.


Please also tell me what's written in the status bar of the main window. This will usually tell you *exactly* what the program is doing.


If you say you're using the esata port (you said it's an external drive yeah?), the drive is probably on the jmicron controller. Optical drives don't like being on those 3rd party chipset controllers. Ensuring the bios for the controller is up-to-date and that you have the latest drivers from jmicron themselves may help.

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Burning successfully with nero. So it's not my hardware.

Note : No unknown problem with burning dvdr-dl on imgburn and my external-drive only some bdr-dl isofiles.

Lastest firmware update in date, some problem with my ssd but it seems that windows 7 update solve the problem (software therefore).


I will post the log at my next try.




PS : My drive is on the Gigabyte SATA controler GSATAIIA&GSATAIIB in AHCI because before installing SSD only this controler was in AHCI others SATA ports were in normal mode (to not reinstall windows 7, AHCI drivers not installed at this time). Now all ports are in AHCI mode.

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